A breakthrough in
chemical innovation

This is FŪSN™, a safe ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer. Simplot joined forces with Honeywell’s Performance Materials and Technologies group to further develop Sulf-N26®, part of the Honeywell ammonium sulfate line of fertilizers. Using advanced engineering and manufacturing expertise, Simplot fused ammonium nitrate with ammonium sulfate to produce a new fused molecule that is less detonable and better delivers ammonium nitrate and sulfate nutrients to the plant.

In its simplest form, the FŪSN process fuses ammonium nitrate (a potent fertilizer) with ammonium sulfate (a natural fire suppressing fertilizer) to produce a “double salt” matrix. By chemically fusing a fertilizer with a fertilizer, Simplot can offer a better, safer and more advanced ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer.

A highly improved crop nutrient from
a fused sulfate-nitrate molecule.